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Free estimates and inspections

Request a no obligation quote with a free inspection for your renovation.
The estimate will include all the restructuring activities such as materials, labor, electrical and plumbing systems, if any.

Edilvallesina Ristrutturazioni chiavi in mano

Turnkey renovations

With the turnkey formula, we offer our customers complete assistance.
Starting from the design, from the choice of materials to the supply, up to the final execution carried out in a workmanlike manner of what was budgeted and in compliance with the established times. We take care of everything with our specialized staff ready for any type of intervention.

Masonry Works

We carry out with care and attention to detail all types of masonry works in natural stone or brick for both interiors and exteriors.

  • Exposed masonry
  • Brick masonry
  • Block masonry
  • Rustic masonry kitchens
  • Masonry fireplaces
  • Forecourts
  • Stone masonry

Floors and coverings

We take care of all aspects of floor renovation and tile laying, from demolition with disposal to laying the floor and coverings.

  • Supply and laying of screed
  • Lay the floor
  • Stoneware floor
  • Porphyry floor
  • Industrial concrete floor
  • Laying coverings
  • Marble works
  • Waterproofing
  • Concrete ramps
Edilvallesina ristrutturazioni ordinarie e straordinarie

Extraordinary And Ordinary Maintenance

We carry out routine maintenance works such as:
Replacement, renovation and repair of internal and external fixtures;
Reconstruction, renovation and replacement of floors;
Refurbishment, repair and painting of walls;
Extraordinary maintenance for works and modifications necessary for the renovation and replacement of structural parts of the buildings.

  • Structural interventions: Balcony, facades, roofs and tinsmith works
  • Sewerage works: septic tank, degreaser
  • Emergency intervention: Leakage, water infiltrations
    even urgently
  • Plasterboard work: partition and counter-ceiling, external and internal coatings, painting works, we also operate with mechanical means, aerial platforms